Single Booking

Single Booking

Any booking record can be opened by clicking View in the last column of the record row. This opens a new page with all the details of the booking. The top header shows the email address of the user.

Below that, all the details of the user entered during registration are displayed. The first field, Booking ID is the unique ID for the booking and is printed on the ticket as well.

Notification Function

You can resend notification emails to the user if required. You have two options:

Reset User Password Email: Resets the password of the user and sends him/ her a new password through email.
Resend Booking Confirm Mail: Resends the confirmation mail generated when user makes a booking.

Transaction Log

Transaction log displays details from of the payment related to the booking from Payment gateway.

Printing the Ticket

If the booking is for single ticket Print Ticket will appear. For multiple tickets, individual seat numbers will appear. You can take the printout for the tickets from here.

Download Booking Details

Download all the details of the bookings as a PDF file.

Booking Notes

You can attach notes to individual bookings for references. Notes appear below booking details chronologically.