Adding or Editing Event Types

Adding or Editing Event Types

You need to click Add New on Event Types Manager to create a new type. Each event type has 4 properties, of which only Name is required. But other properties also play an important role. In simplest terms, Event Types are like categories. You can display all event types on a single page and allow users to browse each one of them. You can also also users to filter events using the Event Filter Widget.

Name: A unique name for your event type.

Color: Set a identified color for your event type. Appears both on dashboard and front end All Event Types page.

Age Group: Define the age group for event type. You can create a custom age group and define age limits. Age group is printed on tickets of events inside this type, and displayed on the event page on front end.

Special Instructions: Warnings, Instructions or Notes related to this event type. They will be printed on the ticket for events belonging to this type.