Adding New Venue

Adding New Venue

You can add a new venue by click on Add New in Venues Manager. It opens a new page with fields for setting properties of the venue.

Name: The name of the venue. It will appear everywhere with venue information. You cannot leave it blank.

Description: Description of the venue. You can add details, parking plan etc here. A snippet of description appears on the event page and All Venues page. Complete description appears on individual venue page.

Venue Location: The address of the Venue. If you have configured Google Maps API Key, you will be able to see the marker on the map. The map will also appear on the event page and Venues Map widget.

Established: The date when Venue was opened to the public.

Type: Venue can be with seats or without seats. A drop down will allow you to select accordingly. If you select Seats, it will allow you to generate a seating plan below.

Seating Capacity: Total number of seats inside the venue. Appears only when you select Seats in Type field.

Venue Coordinator or Operator: Person or Organization in charge of the Venue operations.

Facebook Page: If you have a Facebook page for the venue, you can mention it here.

Gallery: Images related to this venue. The images will be displayed as thumbnails on event and individual venue page.

Rows: Number of Seats in a row.

Columns: Number of Seats in a column. If the venue has asymmetrical or non rectangular seating arrangement, you can use Block Seats button below seating manager to remove non existent seats from user booking screen.

Once you have entered Rows and Columns, press Generate/ Refresh Seating Arrangement to build graphical representation of seating arrangement at the venue.

Adding Isles: You can add either straight or across aisles based on actual seating arrangement at your venue. To create a straight aisle, double click the any seat in a column to select the whole column. Now click Add/ Remove Aisles button and it will create an aisle to the left of that seating column.

To build an aisle across (parallel to the rows) click on the Row alphabet on left side of the seating manager. This will select the complete row of seats. Not click Add/ Remove Aisles button and it will create an aisle above the selected row of seats.

Removing Aisles: To remove an aisle, select the column of seats to the right of the aisle or below the aisle and press Add/ Remove Aisles button again.

If you wish to reset your current selection of seats, press Reset Current Selection.