Adding New Performer

Adding New Performer

Clicking on Add New will open a new page allowing you to create a new performer. Following properties are available for Performers:

Performer Type: Define if a performer is a group or single person.

Name: Name of the performer (or group), and only mandatory property for creating a new performer.

Role: Role of performer in the event. For example, Speaker, Actor, Anchor etc.

Cover Image: The image of the performer. It will appear on on event and single performer page. While it will appear as thumbnail on the event page and performer directory, on single performer page it will appear in large size above the performer description.

Description: Description or Bio of the performer. A snippet from this text will appear with performer image’s thumbnail on event page and performer directory, while it will appear in full on single performer page.

Display on List of Performers: Checking it will make sure the performer appears in performers directory. If you do not want to show the performer anywhere except the event page, keep it unchecked.