Introducing Event Kikfyre – A WordPress Event Plugin

Event Kikfyre is simple yet powerful WordPress Event plugin that allows you to create and promote any kind of event on your website like a professional.

The plugin lets you create single or multiple events and categorize them giving your simple calendar much require power. With the help of Event Kikfyre plugin you can now create multiple venues for your event with different address integrated with google maps to help attendees to reach the right spot. Each venue can be customized with its own seating arrangement and booking parameters.

The Event Kikfyre plugin is developed to keep user’s ease in mind and crafted in the WordPress way. Anyone can set up online ticketing system for their events, display a gallery and highlight the performers of their event on their website. Venues and Performers have their own individual pages with separate properties helping you to create a full-fledged event site from the onset.

Download here:  Event Kikfyre on WordPress. Org  

So, for you the task at hand is to promote your forthcoming event on your website and to manage it as well. Some of the basic features you will require from an WordPress Event Plugin:

  • Your event plugin should let you integrate information with third party tools such as Google Calendar.
  • Keeping the mobility in mind, the plugin should be responsiveness for smart phone or tablet users, so that the calendar should look nice on any device.
  • Multiple calendar views and filters are considered to be must have.
  • The plugin should be able to record and show the event attendance registration
  • Smooth and hassle free Online ticket selling facilities.
  • Easy appearance customization options are required making admin’s job easier.
  • The event should have the ability to schedule and setup recurring events.
  • Sidebar widgets for displaying events to promote the event.
  • Importing and exporting of events for recording data.

Boosting a 5 star rating on WordPress, event Kikfyre has some incredible features that makes any event look like a success and on the backend makes the admin work like a piece of cake. Let’s have a look at the top features of Event Kikfyre.

  1. Sell Tickets

Event Kikfyre booking system has inbuilt ability for payments, cancellations and refunds. Thus making billing work easy.

  1. Seating System

The feature allows users to select their seats before bookings for different venues.

  1. Type of Events

You can create your type of events whether they are recurring, stretched over multiple days with timetables, a few hours event and then save them on your website as directory. Create all types of events and host them on your WordPress site as directories.

  1. Venues

You can create multiple Venues and attach individual maps, address, gallery and seating arrangements with them. Also, Venues can be displayed on front end with markers and directory.

  1. Event Types

Event types allow you to categorize events in different directories. Event types are also supported by advanced search widget.

  1. Customize Notifications

You can customize your event will with branding, logo, terms and conditions etc, and promote well using inbuilt HTML editor with ease.

  1. Performers

The star of your event, the performers, you can update performers section with performer bio, role and image.

  1. Widgets Package

The Widgets package is a comprehensive set of everything that is required to promote your event on your website. The package includes advanced search, events calendar with upcoming events, events slider, event countdown, venues Map and Event Header.

  1. Analytics

The plugin allows you to generate an on-demand revenue and booking reports filtered by date, venue and event to get an accurate status of your events.

  1. Third Party Integrations

You can integrate your social handles to promote your event to a much wider audience and also integrate Google Maps to allow users to get directions to venues.


You can connect with Event Kikfyre’s facebook page to be updated with the latest developments on the pplugin.


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